Photolithography, monotype

Jaffa oranges are now sold to benefit Israeli people and economies and the Palestinian farmers who owned orange groves in Jaffa cultivate their own stolen lands as low wage workers.

A carton of Jaffa Orange Juice with a missing advertisement most commonly seen on milk cartons. The advertisement describes the nature of Palestinian culture and the moment of abduction, just as a milk carton advertisement would, while the front of the milk carton features an idealistic scene of workers picking oranges and a brightly colored logo for “Jaffa Orange Juice.” The carton snidely advertises the wonders of socioeconomic deprivation and colonialism embedded in Jaffa Orange Juice’s idyllic orange groves: “100% juice - Not from concentrated acts of genocide,” “Colonial narrative perishable - Keep refrigerated,” and “Less Pulp - Less Culture.”