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Surface of Revolution: A Bohemian Press Retrospective

  • Paul Whitney Larson Gallery (map)

A torus is a geometric shape composed of a surface of revolution generated by revolving a circle in three-dimensional space around an axis coplanar with the circle. In their physical forms, tori most resemble donuts. Bohemian Press, a fifteen year old printmaking collective organized and maintained by students at the University of Minnesota, has curated this show with the torus in mind; both as a nod to our club’s donut mascot, and as a form that encompases ideas of revolution, pushing boundaries, and fighting for change. The process of printmaking involves the creation and alteration of a screen or matrix in order to reproduce imagery or texture onto another substrate. This process leaves both a physical impression as well as a lasting concept for viewers to engage with. In essence, printmaking is a process of reproducible surface alteration. Whether it be the definition of printmaking, the materials they use, or the subject matters they deal with, Bohemian Press members are constantly redefining the boundaries of printmaking and the communities it can influence. As an all-inclusive collective, Bohemian Press features GLBTQIA, POC, women, and emerging artists and encourages members to use their work as a vessel for activism and changemaking. Practiced by the members of Bohemian Press, the medium of printmaking, much like the torus, is composed of a process of revolution, not just a form.


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